What is O2O?

O2O is a revolutionary business platform combining traditional e-commerce, with personal relationships to give Online and Offline services to everyone…or O2O. 

The platform consists of 3 parties, the Brand Owners, Social Marketers and Customers.

The Brand Owners own their brand.  Any company with legal registration, operation and existence can register as a brand owner. To completely register, they need to have independent and exclusive rights to their brands.  Once registered O2O provides free online services to the Brand Owners as well as promote their product on the O2O Global Market.

Next we have Social Marketers. Anyone who wants to achieve a career, interested in management or who like servicing others can engage in O2O business. Social Marketers help spread the word about O2O. They help customers register, find products, check orders and return products through the O2O platform. For that help, Social Marketers receive a corresponding bonus.

And then we have the customers. All global consumers are O2O customers.  Through the O2O platform, we can guarantee to the customer 100% Authentic products and the lowest price. Here at O2O, we integrate the customers package to deliver.  Instead of shipping a package from each brand owner, we consolidate all products into one package, so not only do they get their products safe and fast, but we also save them the high freight charges.

Brand owners provide authentic products at the best price, the social marketer lets customers know how to get those authentic products at the best price, and the customer gets the authentic products for the best price.  Pretty straight forward right? But there’s more! The customer experiences how awesome the product is and gives their feedback. That feedback is passed through the Social Marketer who gives it to the Brand Owner. All provided through the O2O platform which is behind the scenes operating all other necessities as well as contributing to charities in various countries and regions to repay the society

So here we have a business platform, that literally has no bounds.  O2O makes it possible for products to sell around the world, with you as the only competition for your Brand. Which brings me into my next point…

O2O platform adopts cloud computing technology to provide everyone with a fair and stable trading place. Meaning a small local shop can compete with the big stores without spending a bunch of money on marketing. O2O takes care of all that marketing for them.

Why a cloud computing platform? Using cloud computing helps brand owners save the cost of buying servers or storage equipment as well as saves them from data processing and analysis costs.  Cloud computing also allows information to be updated faster. Which allows owners to more accurately see marketing information which increases efficiency in viewing marketing trends and enhances ability to meet demands. 

Now access to these cloud benefits need customers to go online.  But we want to reach out to everyone, including those who don’t have online access.  Social Marketers help accomplish that.  Not only do they bring high-quality products to access thousands of remote homes, but they can also help customers bring product from their remote areas to the rest of the world.  Essentially getting rid of poverty and building their economy.